• Culinary Books

    Our bookshelves are filled with food and drink books on various topics including cookbooks, travel, biographies, essays and history. We invite you to peruse our online selection and visit us in our store!
  • Test Kitchen

    In our kitchen, we will be testing the recipes from our bookshelves. If you visit our store at the right time, there might be some samples for you to try!
  • Events

    We have a calendar of events that includes author/chef signings, discussions, demonstrations, tastings and cooking classes. Please check our events page for a full schedule!

Upcoming Events

  • Date Event Sign Up
  • Sep 26 2019 Author Event | Hero Dinners - A Talk and Demo with Marge Perry and David Bonom Sign Up
  • Oct 13 2019 Baking Class | Pizza! Sign Up
  • Oct 22 2019 Author Event | South - Sean Brock in Conversation with Chandra Ram Sign Up
  • Nov 17 2019 Author Event | Joy of Cooking - A Talk & Demo with Megan Scott & John Becker Sign Up
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